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After the CPU debacle, are EOS users ready for a RAM disaster? 0

EOS Go spotted a new project yesterday that could cause a lot of headaches for EOS users.


EOS users has had a rough few weeks. For the last few weeks a project called EIDOS create a scheme that congested the EOS network to the point where it became unusable for the vast majority of account holders. Now it looks like the trouble will continue, once again exploiting the resource system of EOS.

The project is called $RUTM, and like EIDOS, it encourages users to spend system resources in order to mine token. And the resource that RUTM is targeting is RAM, or the memory system of EOS.


(Details on the project is thin, only a github page by a newly created account)

The memory system stores information about the current state of the smart contracts on EOS and is used mostly for keeping tab who owns what.

While currently this haven't yet cause complaints within the EOS community, in part thanks to it's low value, if it does indeed does what it's name after, namely, driving up the RAM prices, this can cause serious issues for dapp developers and users.

One of the most common things to do in EOS is to airdop tokens. This is a great way to let the community know about the launch of your token and giving them something to care about. But if the price of RAM were to go up dramatically, this will make airdrops prohibitively expensive.

Users would have have to fork out EOS to purchase additional RAM if they wish to hold more tokens in the future.

To be fair, the RAM system has been gamed once before, and unlike the CPU issue that we are still facing after weeks of problems, the community came together and address the issue fairly quickly.


But that was when the top BPs were actively communicating with one another, and more importantly, listening to the community. And if the past weeks or so is any indication, that scenario is unlikely today.